Bathroom Remodeling

RGV Bathroom Remodeling

Having to spend any time in a dilapidated and unattractive bathroom is not something anybody wants to think about – but the unfortunate truth is that throughout this part of Texas, that’s exactly what some people are having to deal with. Let’s be honest, a deteriorating bathroom makes it much less likely that you’ll want to spend any time in there, so upgrading your existing installation through a bathroom remodeling project seems like an eminently sensible idea. At RGV Remodeling Pros, we’ve completed hundreds of bathroom remodeling projects in the past, and as with all of our other home renovation interventions, we bring buckets of quality into the property. Below, you can learn more about our bathroom remodeling service, and just why you ought to place your trust in our team specifically. For anybody who has any remaining doubts or questions that need answering, our customer service team is available over the phone or online.

Bathroom Fixtures

The fixtures in your bathroom are what will ultimately make or break the success of this enterprise. You need fixtures that are going to live up to the standards that you want from your building, but they also need to look amazing – functionality alone isn’t enough for a first class bathroom. We are capable of fitting any type of bathroom fixture, with most of the bathrooms we handle requiring sinks, toilets, showers, and baths. Of course, modern bathrooms are home to increasingly complex fixtures with added functionality, and we’re always happy to provide guidance on these at your request.

Floors and Walls

The floor and walls in your bathroom need to be resilient if they’re going to stand up to the difficult conditions in this space effectively. Due to the consistent presence of moisture and humidity in a bathroom, certain materials simply aren’t suitable for use in these rooms. Genuine hardwood, for example, does not do a good job when it comes into consistent contact with moisture. The most commonly used material for the floor and walls in a bathroom is tiling – something that we have deep experience with the installation of.

Bonus Features

The bathroom fixtures and the floor and wall tiling in your bathroom are the elements that set the foundation for the room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some special features to the space to give it a little more sparkle. More and more people throughout the United States are deciding to add heated mirrors or vanity mirrors to these spaces, and extra storage capacity is always welcome on top of that. We can find nifty ways of integrating these features without taking up an undue level of space.

Return on Investment

Many people baulk at the expected costs of a comprehensive bathroom remodel – as is the case with a kitchen remodel – but the fact is that these processes offer an excellent return on investment. Although you’ll have to spend some cash to get the bathroom of your dreams, it’s going to elevate the valuation of your property too.

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